The adventure island of Senja is well known for trekking and outdoor activities and the dramatic landscape around Camp Steinfjord is the ideal place to start.

Wether your looking for the easy hill climbs with the family or vertical cliffs for the skilled climber, there's something for everyone.

The trail up to peak Husfjellet rising 635 meters above the sea is often mentioned as one of the best trekking experiences in Norway. The start of the trail is just a five minute drive from Camp Steinfjord. 


Climbing the peaks of Senja isn't exactly a walk in the park, but the many trails and peaks of the island has something for everyone.

The reward of getting to the top after hours of hard work is a great experience, some might even call it a religious one.

We will gladly advice you to good day trips for trekking in the area around the camp or other parts of Senja. Please contact us at booking@steinfjord.com