Get up north and head up high. Free skiing is all about finding the perfect line and getting on top of the next mountain peak, preferebly as quick as possible.

With hundreds of peaks rising from sea level to more than 1000 meters Senja has plenty to offer for the free skiing enthusiast.

Many of the popular peaks are accessible from the main roads, which means that you can try a new mountain on every day trip. So gear up and go explore!


We can proudly say that the north western side of Senja is the prime location for free skiing, and Camp Steinfjord is in the middle of it all.

Plan your day trips and gear up to explore the many peaks in the area. Rest assured that you won't be able to climb them all on your first visit ...

We will gladly advice you to the popular spots and experienced guides for your safety.  If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, please contact us at