Flight time from Oslo to Bardufoss, Harstad Evenes or Tromsø is just under 2 hours. The nearest airport in Bardufoss, which is about a 1,5 hours drive from Steinfjord.

From Bardufoss airport you can take the airport shuttle to Finnsnes, where Senja is connected to the mainland by bridge.

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Senja is attached to the mainland by bridge from Finnsnes, the drive from Finnsnes to Steinfjord is about 1 hour. The roads are open all year round and the drive takes you through scenic landscapes.

During summer season (May to September) there are two car ferries going to/from Senja;

Brensholmen/Tromsö to Botnhamn (45 min)

Gryllefjord to Andenes/Lofoten (1h 40min)

Camp Steinfjord is located along the road 86/862 between these two ferry ports. This road is a National Tourist Route, one of 18 scenic routes of Norway.