If you are looking for the scenic routes on your next cycling vacation, Senja is the perfect destination.

Head out on the winding roads along the coastline, over the mountains and through the many tunnels.

There are hundreds of kilometers of road to explore on the island, and many interesting stops for a break during your day trips. In recent years the governing people of Senja has been working actively to promote cycling tourism. 

If the challenges and exercise of training won't take your breath away, the landscape surely will.


Camp Steinfjord is settled in the middle of the stretch of the National Tourist Route of Senja, which is one of the 18 scenic routes of Norway.

With astonishing landscape and scenery there are many things to see and do along this road. And the location of the camp makes it the perfect base camp for your training vacation.

A part from good accommodations and food we can also offer good storage fascilities for your bikes and gear. Enjoy your stay and wake up rested and ready for a day on the bike.

If you are passing by on your day trip we can offer a full lunch meal or a small bite to enjoy while sitting on the dock outside our restaurant.

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